Saturday, April 15, 2017

frugal learning

I made more Matzo Crack this morning instead of buying the $7 a box that is mediocre at best, no offense Manischewitz or the $12 bag of maybe six macaroons that I used to buy. I'm making some from scratch tomorrow. Recipe here. I'm hoping it will get me through the week. Seeing that the last batch seemed to grow legs and walk out of the fridge and my boyfriend jeans are rapidly becoming skinny jeans this week, it's possible it will not. Recipe here. I bought a lot of chocolate bars on sale at Ralphs in anticipation of my love affair with this recipe.
Today I promised my son that we would go to Malibu and hang out at Crosscreek. We'll get a coffee at Coffee Bean, but I'm going to pack a lunch and hopefully get him on board with going to the actual creek instead of eating lunch at one of the restaurants. My home is driving me crazy, so I'm going to swoop through with another KonMarie and sell whatever doesn't bring me joy, pretty much everything but the basics. 
I will spend the rest of this week figuring out my Every Dollar budget and doing whatever I can to whittle my expenses down, and I went to the library and checked out The Complete Tightwad Gazette and am reading it as if my home depended on it, which, it does. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Yesterday, as a part of discipline and a better usage of my time than watching reruns of 'Hoarders,' I decided to do something I never do, I made reservations early to take my son back to college in the fall. I travel with him to school every year to get him settled, as I did my daughter. It's special bonding time that seems to make both of us feel better about losing each other for a few months. Usually, throughout my marriage, it was always planned at the last minute for an exorbitant amount of extra money because my ex-husband insisted on waiting, claiming "we didn't have the money" yet, every year I went. A lot of drama would ensue, a lot of money would be wasted, and it would ruin the beauty of the whole of the many reasons the marriage ended. This year to break old habits, I planned it early. I bought two round trip tickets because the r/t ticket for him was the same price as the one way, go figure. The hotel, my favorite in Bloomington which just happened to be on for a better price than the others, I opted for the free cancellation price just in case when my son finally got back to me about the dates being ok I could cancel if necessary. He did, the dates were fine. This morning as I was becoming familiar with Ebates and Swagbucks as I am a newbie, I became learned on travel options. I canceled my previous room and rescheduled a room without a free cancellation through Ebates which was an even better price and provided cash back. I ended up saving almost $200 and earned cash to boot. It took me all of ten minutes. This year the process was wholly satisfying and not filled with angst and drama. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

pushing the reset button

My son is taking a few days to stay with his sister at the beach for spring break. I won't have any driving to do so I'm going to hole myself up and push the reset button. I've finished my taxes, which was nightmarish due to a home sale and a divorce last year, and now I'm going to hit the ground running. I've gone back to Dave Ramsey's course, Financial Peace University, which I highly recommend, read most of the 251 pages of The Non-Consumer Advocate, you can start here if you want to start at the beginning, NCA, and compiled a reading list of many blogs pertaining to frugal/simple living on my facebook page. When I sold my home last year, I was in a flurry of a divorce, moving, becoming a full-time single mother, so I spent and spent and spent. Fortunately, I invested the bulk and put aside money for taxes but...I got hit with a tuition that I was not expecting, so that managed to wipe out my savings. Not my investments just my savings. I'm now on a path to re-building that savings account, finding a way to bring in income and find a way to purchase a home. It's going to be a huge year with a lot of mental challenge and an enormous amount of discipline, but it'll be the first time that I'll be working toward achieving a goal for myself, only. 
I'm very excited. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

marie method madness

Welcome to Simple Living Los Angeles. A few years ago I started the journey of leaving a twenty-year marriage, paying off a mountain of debt, creating a what was a non-existent credit score, building a savings and creating a happy, comfortable, stable living situation. After accomplishing all of the goals I wrote down in 2012, I stumbled on Marie Kondo's book just in time to put my house on the market. Her method is life changing, and I highly recommend anyone who is planning and preparing for a huge life change to read it and complete the process. I'm writing this blog because I want to share the path that I took to help as many women as I can. Women that may be in the same position I was in several years ago, feeling helpless, out of control of life, overwhelmed and tired of struggling every day.